The challenge at Red Cross was to design, develop, and implement a new responsive web experience in an effort to maximize conversion and engagement across and all of their branch websites nation-wide.
Associate UX Designer
I worked with our Director of UX to build a modular responsive system that could scale and adapt to each branches needs. Our process consisted of weekly sprints and regular sync-ups with our internal Visual Design team as well as the Content Strategy Lead. Progress meetings also occurred with the client remotely 2-3 times a week. 
We created a responsive system of Templates, Modules and Components inspired by Brad Frost’s Atomic Design Philosophy as building blocks that would replace the outdated UX/UI for and all of their branches nation-wide.

My key contributions consisted of: preliminary content audits, competitive analysis, participation in brainstorming & whiteboarding sessions, system design of responsive modular library and content migration into ATG CMS.
Content Inventory
In an effort to improve the IA of, I created a Content Inventory of their full site. The goal of this exercise was to familiarize myself with the site's taxonomy and identify which pages may be deprecated, reorganized, or consolidated with other pages. Since the document was collaborative via Google Sheets, Red Cross stakeholders could identify desired content changes and ensure all necessary pages were being captured.
Brainstorming & Whiteboarding
After content requirements were defined by the client I participated in brainstorming and whiteboarding sessions. Together, the team found themes within the elements across key pages and organized them into a system templates, modules, and components inspired by Brad Frost's Atomic Design.
High-fidelity wire framing
I uploaded the whiteboard sketches into InDesign where I wireframed each key template for desktop and mobile sizes. I then handed off the wireframes to Visual Leads who added a level of fidelity and applied Red Cross branding elements and typography styling.
Content Migration
After we designed the key page templates, modules, and components, I was tasked with the challenge to migrate all of the existing Red Cross web content using Oracle's ATG CMS. This was a 4-part multi-month effort consisting of daily sync-ups with the client stakeholders. Despite the difficulties navigating around ATG (which would soon be deprecated) the close collaboration between Red Cross and EPAM allowed for the migration and project to be an ultimate success.