The challenge at Edmunds was to design an experience that helped prepare and educate users looking to lease a car. The business goals were to increase customer engagement, raise the rate of customer to dealer interactions and ultimately improve the close rate.
UX Designer
I worked on-site directly with Edmunds’ Executive Director of Product Management on the Edmunds Lease product. Our process consisted of daily sync-ups with the Director of UX as well as a Senior Visual Designer.
We created an experience that enhanced traditional online lease shopping flows. We captured user's features and preferences and served personalized lease deals that matched the users customized search criteria.

My key contributions consisted of: conceptualizing designs, competitive analysis, wireframes, facilitating on-site moderated user testing, advanced motion prototypes, and full-fidelity visual mock-ups.
I joined the Edmunds’ team during the Ideation phase where they teamed up 1 UX Designer with 1 Visual Designer for a design challenge exercise. The goal was to come up with 2 high-fidelity concepts for a savings finder on an existing lease. We produced a “Guage Dashboard” pulling cues from a car’s speedometer cluster to reflect savings.
Customer Onboarding Flow
To guide users in finding the most savings on a personalized lease deal, I produced an on boarding flow for a chat-bot based experience. The chat-bot captured all of the user’s preferences such as car make, model, preferred features, and colors resulting in serving the best deals available from Edmunds’ dealer inventories.
Visual Comps
After synthesizing learnings from the user testings sessions, we scaled back the presence of the chat-bot and then added more fidelity to the mobile wireframe flows. The final phase consisted of refining the mobile screens, creating optimized desktop mock-ups, and presenting final work to client.