The challenge at Ticketmaster was to design a cross-platform responsive experience that redefined the brand from being purely transactional to being more fan-focused. The business goals were to increase return visits, improve engagement, and ultimately boost conversion rate.
Sr. Experience Designer
I worked on-site directly with the Marketplace and Enterprise Design Teams. Our process consisted of regular sync-ups with internal product owners, engineers (both in-house & off-shore), and key stakeholders.
Designed an event discovery experience that offered engaging content, personalized event recommendations, a 3D seat selector, a group event ticket purchasing experience, mobile ticket designs, event detail page enhancements, and Ticketmaster Reserve.

Key contributions consisted of: building and maintaining a strong relationship between Ticketmaster & EPAM, defining UX activities and direction with senior level client executives, leading 2 desingers (1 off-shore & 1 on-shore), performing user research & moderating user testing, persona developement, leading a heuristic workshop and lunch & learn sessions, user flow creation, customer journey mapping, high-fidelity wireframes, focus group sessions, and advanced motion prototyping.
user Journey Flow
I produced a user flow that reflected a group purchasing experience which offers a group landing page where friends can split purchases and find seats together. Click the image above to see an SMS Purchasing flow in the slideshow.
User research & Personas
I performed user research and collected data from Ticketmaster’s Data Vault. I produced key fan journeys based on the most common click paths to help empathize with the key fans and help guide new product feature development. We found that users love shortcuts to ADP and EDP, so we exposed more access to them with 1 tap on the homepage.
High-fidelity wire framing
I ran whiteboarding sessions to establish basic content requirements and general layout/responsive behaviors between desktop and mobile. I used Sketch to translate the sketches to high-fidelity wireframes. To optimize my workflow, I used Auto-Layout, which allowed me to dynamically manage my spacing and ensure consistency throughout the pages and elements.
High-fidelity wire frames & Prototype
When it came to desktop, I wanted to take advantage of the real-estate available so I created a calendar component that lives overtop of the map with the ability to expand to full view offering more context and access to a full calendar for arts & theatre users.
Mobile ticket interactions
I was tasked to explore concepts for mobile ticket interactions during the global ticket redesign effort. The goal was to make it clear for both users and ticket attendants which type of ticket was being presented at key points in their journey.
High-fidelity wire frames
In 2018, Taylor Swift broke a world record with the highest grossing U.S. Tour of all time. Taylor Swift Tix was created to engage her mega fanbase while offering a better chance to get tickets. The concept consisted of performing "Boosts" such as watching her Netflix documentary, or listening to her new single. Fans would then receive a code that could be redeemed via the site. The more boosts each fan redeemed, the better their position in lin, and ultimately their chance of scoring tickets.